Discharge Paperwork

DD 214 - Discharge Paperwork

Your discharge paperwork, DD 214 Member 4, is the beginning spot to file for any county, state, or federal benefits. If you do not have a DD 214, Member 4 copy in your possession, there are many different ways to obtain one such as:

Certified Copy

Once you do have a certified copy of your DD 214, we suggested that you:

  • File one copy at the Mills County Courthouse at the Recorder's Office. They are located on the main floor of the Courthouse across from the Treasurer's Office.
  • After you have filed it with the Recorder's Office, if you own your home, you may be able to also file for a military tax exemption on your home. The exemption is currently worth $1,852 off of the assessed value of your home. You can file for a military tax exemption at the Assessor's Office, which is located in the basement of the Courthouse.
  • Finally, bring a copy of our office as well. We will be happy to meet with you and discuss what benefits you may be eligible for based on your military service.

Additional Information

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