A collection of education resources to help citizens understand the current Avian Influenza cases in Iowa and what citizens can do to protect their flocks.


Official Press Release from Mills County - June 1, 2015

Official Press Release from Mills County - May 22, 2015

Official Press Release from Mills County - May 21, 2015



Are the trucks that carry waste from affected farms safe?



Special Waste Acceptance Criteria for Landfill Disposal of Mortality in Response to Avian Influenza Outbreaks


A list of resources from the USDA APHIS response team.

HPA General Resources and Information

Emergency Response Procedures - Depopulation and Disposal

Emergency Response Procedures - Cleaning and Disinfection

Emergency Response Procedures - Appraisal and Indemnity

USDA Avian Influenza Response: Mass Depopulation and Carcass Disposal

HPAI Biosecurity Checklist



Contact Information for the Iowa Department of Agriculture and information about confirmed Avian Influenza cases in the State of Iowa.




General information and recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.




Fast facts about the Avian Influenza provided by the Center for Food Security & Public Health at Iowa State University.




Guidance for backyard flocks from the US Department of Agriculture.




Detailed information and resources on Avian Influenza from the US Department of Agriculture.




Protect your birds from Avian Influenza informational brochure.



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